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a podcast that explores science and medicine through the eyes of experts. 

Want to know the real truths about the American healthcare system? Curious about what big tech is doing with your data? Or about the life of a physician during a global pandemic? 

Through in-depth interviews with experts in their fields, Master Minds is an up-close and personal look into the worlds of science, medicine, and their intersections. Journey with us as we pick the brains of our college professors and learn about everything from the research of today to the innovation of tomorrow. 

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Journey with us to tell the stories of Master Minds at Washington University and beyond.

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Contagion, Cadavers, and The Human Comedy with Prof. Rebecca Messbarger

Prof. Rebecca Messbarger, Professor of Italian, and Co-founder and Director of Medical Humanities

This episode is a fascinating dive into how literature and art, both ancient and new, inform modern medicine. We talk about medieval history and Boccacio’s Decameron and Frankenstein, and a lot more. And who knows, maybe after hearing Professor Messbarger talk, you too will find yourself, a pious pre-med, making room in your schedule to dabble in the humanities.

The Latest Episodes


Episode #22: Using Lasers to Treat Glioblastoma with Dr. Albert Kim, MD, PHD

Episode #21: From Cairo to COVID-19 with Dr. Ali Ellebedy, PHD 

Episode #20: Zika, Dengue, and West Nile Virus with Dr. Michael S. Diamon, MD, PHD

Episode #19: Targeting Ovarian Cancer with Dr. Dineo Khabele, MD


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